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These cakes are all made freshly and individually to order, however, unlike many wedding cake companies, that routinely request 12, 16, or even 24 weeks notice to produce your cake, we can produce most of the wedding cakes in 6 weeks, party cakes can normally be produced in 10 days. In an emergency, we may be able to produce a cake for you more quickly, please contact us by email ([email protected]), or on 07976 517324 as soon as possible to discuss your requirements.

All our cakes are made from the highest quality ingredients, using fresh eggs and butter, chocolate cakes are made from the highest quality dark or milk chocolate.

Any of our cakes can be produced “Nut Free”. Please use the “further details” box of the order form if this is required.
If you have any other dietary requirements, eg wheat free, dairy free etc, please contact us at [email protected] to discuss your requirements.

Please use the links on the left to browse through our gallery of previous commisions. If you see a design that appeals, we can recreate any of these styles, personalising it to your colour scheme and size.
We can also work with you to create a totally unique wedding cake, please email us at [email protected] to provide any thoughts, ideas, colour schemes etc, and your contact details.

How big a cake should I order?

All the cakes can be made to suit your requirements, whether you need just 25 servings or 300 or more.

Our cakes are ordered by the number of servings required, rather than the size of cake. This is partly a reflection of the modern trend to have chocolate cake for your wedding cake, which is served in much larger pieces than a traditional fruitcake, it also saves you the worry of trying to work out how big a cake you need. If you would like to keep to the custom of saving the top tier of your cake for your first anniversary, or the christening of your first child, please order a cake with an extra 50 servings (approx). This tier will need to be fruitcake in order to keep!
The servings below are based on a rich fruitcake, sponge or chocolate cake will serve approximately half this number. Our servings are based on generous 2″x1″ pieces, which are much bigger than some other bakeries. Another alternative is to order one of our cupcake stacks or individual cakes as favours, which can be ordered in the number you require. (although I recommend ordering 2 per guest, and many couples choose to order a few extra “just in case”)
Our most popular size is a 4 tier cake (6,8,10,12) with the top tier saved, this will serve approx 120 people.

StyleSize (ins)SquareOther Shapes
1 tier83225
2 tier6, 95845
 7, 107260
 8, 119175
3 tier6, 8, 1010085
 8, 10, 12154130
4 tier6, 8, 10, 12172150
5 tier6, 8, 10, 12, 14270250

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